Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day Four: First Projects part deux:

Two weeks into the class. Hard to believe. I don’t feel like we have covered much yet, and yet, we have tons of material we can draw on. As we explained to the students the first day, their answers to the project prompts provide content for the course. I’m not sure they recognize what that means at this point. Connecting the projects and discussion to the set of reading for next week students already understand a number of key ideas without realizing it. Some of the ideas about juxtaposition were generally clear going into the projects, but now we have a host of ideas to discuss. Allowing the students to generate the list of concerns or ideas in the project discussions will begin to provide the framework on techniques so useful as they continue to generate work. The goal with this is that by the end of the class they have a kind of generative art tool kit – with ideas and techniques useful in a variety of ways. We do need to pair this with the historical material and so moving from these first projects through dada and John Cage will help ground the ideas in time. Bob and I have discussed the second project question – which continues to morph as we see opportunities to nudge the conversation one way or another.

The differences in section is always quite interesting. Section one seems much more contemplative, quieter, more focused on the discussion. Their projects had less of a performative feel as opposed to the other section. Section two seems much louder, more easily distracted, more active. This may have something to do with the earlier VS later class times. Both lend themselves to the material quite well, but means the sections will be drifting away from each other a bit over the next few weeks. As with Tuesday – lots of great projects to discuss. We have a ton of material to weave into the conversation on Tuesday.

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